"Maybe happiness was none other than having someone by your side" -Faith.

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Hi! I'm Faith Yoite. Currently I'm studying foreign languages and litteratures and I'm close to my degree. After the university I'm planning to move to London and enjoy the big city life.
I love Kingdom Hearts, HunterxHunter, Fullmetal Alchemist, Nabari no Ou, Kuroko no Basket, Frozen and some other shits <3


Viva la Vida, a kingdom hearts fanfic | FanFiction →

Finally I did it and the first chapter is online, I really hope that you enjoy it and don’t forget to let me know your impression so far

Warning: AU - terminal illnesses, delicate issues, death issues, drug use, underage prostitution, suicide attempt - crossover FF Advent Children

Genres: Angst, Suspence, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

Pairings: Akuroku centric, side pairings Soriku and Zemyx, past!Rokushi, past! LarxeneXion, slight Akusai

General short summary: In Roxas’ room, just above the multitude of pics that hang on the headboard of his bed, in the midst of the chaos of all the words and phrases engraved on the wall in black paint, there are three little white words. 'Viva la Vida' is a scream to the world, a hymn to life, a persevering hope. Viva la Vida is the echo of all those spirits who have forgotten to die. And while Roxas fights his battles, Axel tries to save him.

Longer summary: Axel is a high school student who lives in a crystal ball, never really paying attention to what surrounds him. He has friends, he’s respected and feared, he has a future with basketball and has everything a teenager could ask, but when he meet Roxas he finally open his eyes and discovers that life is not that happy and perfect playground he thinks. Meanwhile, despite his degenerative terminal illness, Roxas is fighting with all his strengths to chase his desire and save someone really important to him.
But life isn’t charitable and they end up discovering all the lies, conspiracies and false hopes that filled their lives.
Why everything was falling apart? Who was the real guilty?
All the answers are inside the human nature.

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this bromance is legendary

omg i love these two



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I just appreciate the simplicity of Normal, Okay, and Hot Coffee.

Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?

A touch so simple, and yet laden with emotions I cannot feel.

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Anyone can suggest me some good akuroku fanfictions? Possibly really long fic.
Please please please please please please please please

During the party.
My friends: Yo Faithie happy bday, how old are you now?
Me: too fucking old, and now fuck off and die.

Moral: never ask their age to a lady, even if she’s younger than you.



(Kuroko no Basuke anime episode 39-50 ED replacement part)

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