"Maybe happiness was none other than having someone by your side" -Faith.

Faith | 21 | Italy

Hi! I'm Faith Yoite. Currently I'm studying foreign languages and litteratures and I'm close to my degree. After the university I'm planning to move to London and enjoy the big city life.
I love Kingdom Hearts, HunterxHunter, Fullmetal Alchemist, Nabari no Ou, Kuroko no Basket, Frozen and some other shits <3

Anyone can suggest me some good akuroku fanfictions? Possibly really long fic.
Please please please please please please please please

During the party.
My friends: Yo Faithie happy bday, how old are you now?
Me: too fucking old, and now fuck off and die.

Moral: never ask their age to a lady, even if she’s younger than you.



(Kuroko no Basuke anime episode 39-50 ED replacement part)







Annie Leibovitz’s Disney Dream Portraits

I like how there’s just two pictures of Jack Sparrow


I was going to just like this but then there was Jack Sparrow. Twice.


Happy Bday sunshine
[edit. chibi kurapika added]

could it be defined as an angsty love portrait? *wink*

Beta request

Hi! Uhm... maybe weird question... but I think I'm actually in need. I'm going to publish on ff.net the english translation of one of my fanfiction and I need a beta.
The title is Viva la Vida (I posted a drawing not so long ago), it's a really really long akuroku with a hint of angst, suspance and romance and crossovers with FF Advent Children.
Anyone is interested in it?
If so you can mp me or poke me wherever you want : 3
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